Fire-Rated Vents

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Protect your home from Wildfires and the embers they generate

Thousands of homes are burnt from the inside because of flames and/or embers (sometimes from miles away) getting through the vents and igniting a fire inside. To combat this, Vulcan Technologies created fire-rated vents that are:
  • Flame resistant
  • Ember resistant
  • Designed for excellent airflow
The patented design of our flame-resistant vents includes many key features. One outstanding benefit of the Vulcan Vent is that it's a self-closing fire vent. This feature activates when the vent is exposed to fire. The vents include a mesh covered with a proprietary coating that expands when exposed to fires, thus closing the cells and stopping fire or ember penetration. Our fire-retardant vents also offer protection from ember penetration even before the cells close off. In many cases, embers will be carried for miles by the wind and will penetrate a home before the fire ever comes near. Vulcan Vents are fully tested and certified, and they are also approved by the California State Fire Marshall. They are the only vents that have successfully passed both the Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) testing standards for ember and flame intrusion (ASTM E 2886/E 2886 M and ASTM E 2912) as well as the one (1)-hour fire test under the ASTM E 119 one (1)-hour fire test standard.

Vulcan vent fire test

Vulcan Vents are ember-safe, fire-rated vents designed to self-close. An ember catching screen blocks embers during ember attacks before the fire arrives. When a wildfire nears and reaches critical temperature, the intumescent coating on the matrix structure expands, creating a "firewall." The Vulcan Vent is approved by the California State Fire Marshal!

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Help your home protect itself

For other technologies to help with protection from wildfires, including fire retardant protection for your walls, sidings, eaves and soffits, please contact Firefree Coatings at Phone: +1 (415) 459-6488 , , Firefree Wildfires