Fireproofing Applications

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The primary benefit of Vulcan Technologies' fireproof ventilation systems is to provide an added layer of fire protection for your home. However, Vulcan Technologies' products offer further fireproofing applications. These applications include industrial fireproofing and structural fireproofing, among others. Our expertise gives us unique insight into the situations in which our products can be useful -- allow us to demonstrate a number of different situations in which our products can minimize risks.

The most pressing fireproofing application for our products, especially for California residents, is home wildfire protection. The wildfires and blazes that sweep across the landscape and destroy homes are an ever-present threat for California homeowners. In many cases, the ventilation system in a home can mean the difference between the house catching ablaze or remaining safe. During wildfires, homes without systems such as the Vulcan Vent are susceptible to embers. Fire-powered winds can easily sweep these small pieces of burning material into ventilation systems, where they can light vulnerable portions of the system on fire. The fire then spreads to the rest of the home in question. Designed to nullify embers before they become a threat, Vulcan Vents defend against this danger.

Vulcan Vents also have uses outside of home protection. Businesses that regularly work with high-heat materials and open flames, such as foundries or restaurants, can benefit from industrial fireproofing. Ventilation systems are necessary for cycling fresh air into these workspaces, but these systems are also at high risk of ember damage due to the open flames and high heat common in such environments. Vulcan Vents decrease this risk and ensure workplace safety, as the fireproof protection material nullifies the embers. These vents allow for proper airflow, providing relief to the employees working in these high-heat areas while preventing additional risk.

Vulcan Technologies can assist in identifying fireproofing applications for almost any structure. To determine the best course of action for your building, reach out to Vulcan Technologies. Our expertise will allow us to identify how your business can benefit from our products.

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